We're Russsh, an on demand delivery service for everyone in Mumbai.


Need someone to pay your bills and pick up your shopping, take an elderly relative to hospital or deliver 26 presents to your girlfriend on her 26th birthday? These are just some of the requests we receive daily. We offer to do your chores and errands in a country traditionally reliant on full-time servants.


As the older kid of the two siblings, I always had to run errands for my mom and dad some of which were not so important but time consuming tasks. These were something that I could easily outsource but there was no service available that could run all my personal and official errands hence I realized the need and started russsh.com (formerly called getmypeon.com) in 2012.

Now we have over 20 thousand clients ranging from home based business owner, bakers, chief executives to housewives and college students. People have stopped doing things the old-fashioned way. The labor costs for full-time staff are very high.

Bharat Ahirwar


We believe passionately in saving time, being productive, good food, great friends and a spirit of adventure. We are also 100% positive Mumbai could be a better place if everyone spent more time with their dear ones and not the rickshawwala and taxiwala.