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Online cake delivery in Mumbai can be a daunting task, especially with the ever bustling streets of Mumbai. No one wants to be greeted with a damaged cake, especially if it is made for a special occasion like a special anniversary or a milestone birthday. We can help you deliver fresh cakes up to 1.5 kgs so if you need to deliver a cake i.e. 1.5kgs with or without icing we recommend you to book an uber or an ola (your choice) and we’ll escort your cake to ensure it stays safe. Check our Facebook page for testimonials if you’re still unsure if we can deliver your cake

clothes delivery service

We pick up and deliver men’s and women’s clothes anywhere in Mumbai, Thane and Vashi between 7am -10pm. Also provide delivery for dress material & fabric. Our delivery service is very convenient and reasonably priced especially if you’re looking at sending stuff over long distances.

Grocery Delivery

Our grocery delivery service is designed for busy professionals, working couples, people who are new to the city and students living as a paying guest. All you have to do is share a list of grocery items (under Rs.1000) and tell us where it has to be picked up from and we’ll take care of the rest.

Food Delivery

Craving a piping hot, fresh meal? Thanks to our quick food delivery service, you can now tuck into a home prepared meal or a dish from your favourite restaurant within the comforts of your home or office.


Fresh flowers are the perfect gift for those who have everything. Our delivery executives will step in and help you say it with flowers.

Gift Delivery

If you have a gift in mind and need someone to pick it up and deliver it somewhere you may be looking out for a delivery service that is prompt. You may also want the delivery to be an experience in itself which means you want it to be hassle-free and very easy. Finally, nobody likes it when their handpicked gift is lost or damaged during transit. We’ve taken these things into consideration and have come up with one of the most convenient & safe delivery services. With 3 steps you can easily schedule a gift delivery anywhere in Mumbai, Thane and Vashi.


Has a sudden whiff of freshly baked goods got you craving for a bite of a fresh cream roll? While your local bakery produces a delectable array of mouth-watering delights, the long distance to the store and parking woes makes you think twice. Our delivery executives will ensure that you get only get freshest bakery goods, fast.


When you are stressed, you eat chocolates and other forms of desserts.Why? Because Stressed spelt backwards is Desserts! Chocolates are very sensitive to temperature and humidity and we ensure delivery in a flash. Schedule a chocolate delivery within a few minutes, receive confirmation and start hogging!


Need to send a parcel? You can trust us to deliver your parcels taking the same care that you would yourself. As our delivery executives use public transport i.e BEST & Local Trains to commute we do not handle parcels over 5kg. We have 3 types of parcel delivery option for you to choose from i.e. Pre-booked,Same Day and Express Delivery

What are the kinds of Parcels we do not handle?

Cash above Rs.25000
Recreational Drugs

Bulk Delivery

Have things that need to go some place? At the point when most small businesses consider transportation to a client, they're liable to be centred around two things: the products quality and the client's enjoyment after getting it. However, shouldn't something be said about everything that happens in the middle?

laptop delivery in mumbai

Electronic items such as computers, laptops, hard drive, usb stick & gaming consoles have delicate internal components and require special care during deliveries.
Our trained delivery executives know how to select the most appropriate mode of transport and route for delivering your electronic devices, no matter how fragile, heavy or awkward. We have the expertise to see a job through from start to finish, safely, securely and reliably. Just call us and we’ll send a delivery executive for help.

Crockery Delivery

Whether you need a kalash, puja thali or marigold flowers, we can deliver these to your door-step in a matter of hours. As you get busier each day in the office and spend extra minutes commuting to and fro work it’s getting all the more difficult to find time to go out and purchase crockery, dining set and other kitchen items that are needed in your day to day life or during festivals. The need of hour is a reliable, dependable delivery partner who gets your errands run (pick up & delivery) in as little instructions as possible. This is exactly what Russsh stands for, quick deliveries in the least instructions which makes it a convenient service for you to use and makes you productive.

Cash Delivery Service

If you are a small or home business delivering invoices and collecting cash can be a serious problem. Obviously you cannot afford not collecting cash/cheque in return for your service. It’s not only convenient but also makes complete sense to have someone run around the city collecting your payment or deliver invoices.

Same Day Document Delivery

Have frantic travelling and hectic schedules left you exhausted for small errands? Are impending document deliveries piling up on your desk,await delivery? At such times,such paperwork cannot wait for you to regain your energy. But our services are designed to help you with just this. Unlike other traditional services,we pick up and drop your documents safely in a matter of time. For a one kind of a secure and reliable document delivery,you can think of us.